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 December 10, 2015

Core Fusion Barre at Exhale Spa


When I first moved back to New York City after graduating from law school, my sister Karin introduced me to Exhale’s Core Fusion Barre classes.  At the time I was quite intimidated by the class at the Upper East Side location, across the street from the Carlyle.  But, considering how toned and what awesome posture the regulars had, I gave it a try.  New students can take advantage of certain discounts, and at the time, they were offering one week unlimited classes for less than $50.  I went for it, but after a few classes, I could barely sit down I was so sore.

A couple years later I joined Exhale SoHo and participated in their monthly unlimited class program.  This studio is smaller and a bit less intimidating than the Upper East Side.  They also have a discounted monthly plan at $155 per month, as compared to the regular New York City monthly plan, which costs $265 per month.  I fell in love with core fusion at Exhale SoHo, and felt myself becoming stronger with every class.  However, when I switched jobs, the SoHo location was no longer convenient, and I canceled my membership.

A few months later I noticed that I had become much more lethargic, and that I missed class.  So I purchased individual class packs that work all over the city.  I am already seeing a difference in how I feel after a few weeks back on the core fusion wagon.  These classes are addictive!  My favorite locations are Exhale Central Park South, and of course, Exhale SoHo.

So what exactly is core fusion barre?  It is a total body workout that consists of small repetitive movements.  Classes generally begin by marching in place, swinging your arms, and getting the blood flowing.  After a few additional warm-up exercises you hit the floor for a series of push-ups and planks.  Then the class moves on to weight work, which includes several series of light and heavier sets of weight exercises, focusing on the triceps, biceps, and the back.  Once you have exhausted your arms, you do a nice stretch at the barre, and then work on your thighs.  You squat in various ways until your legs begin to shake only to switch to glute exercises that will cause your butt to shake!  The class ends with a focus on the core, and then a nice relaxing stretch.

I am so happy I found these studios as recommended by my sister a few years ago.  I have tried various other classes, including bar method, pure barre, and physique 57, but core fusion barre at exhale are by far my favorite.  If you don’t live in a city with an exhale location, they also sell DVDs so you can do the workouts at home!

Looking forward to a more toned me in the weeks to come!  Exhale is definitely a Lyfebulb favorite.