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 January 7, 2016

Flywheel Sports


I never thought I would enjoy spin classes, or any type of exercise class in fact.  I grew up playing competitive tennis and would sometimes frown upon those who needed an instructor guiding them through exercise in a room packed full of people.  However, once you become an adult, and you no longer have the time or inclination to play a sport for three hours a day to stay in shape, exercise classes are a great way to work out!

I discovered Flywheel through my old ClassPass membership.  I was intimidated at first, never having tried a spin class or used an indoor spin bike.  But once I got the hang of it, it became addictive.  I tried other studios around the city, since with ClassPass you can only go to the same studio three times per month, but none compared to Flywheel.  As such, I decided to cancel ClassPass, and purchase class packages from Flywheel instead.

There are several locations around the city, including a couple on the Upper East Side, a couple on the Upper West Side, as well as Tribeca, Flatiron, and Chelsea.  The locations are modern and clean, the staff is always friendly, and they provide complimentary water, fruit, and spin shoes.

Other studios often charge two or three dollars for shoe rentals, and make you pay for water.  The classes are either 45 or 60 minutes long and will surely make you sweat!  Another great feature is that through their app, you can track when you attended class, how many calories you burned, and how hard you worked.  For example, today I went to a 45 minute class during lunch, and my estimated calorie burn was 780 (sounds a bit high!) and I biked a total of 18.54 miles.

At a time of the year when everyone is making or trying to keep New Year’s resolutions for a healthier and fitter 2016, we recommend giving Flywheel a try.  Turn up the torque!  Never Coast 🙂