Chronic Illness  
 November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

Today is thanksgiving, a day dedicated to family, giving back and appreciating what we have.
My family always prepares a big feast and then at the table, we all note what we are most grateful for this year. In my case there have been five years of thanking my father, the doctors and nurses and of course the family who decided to donate their deceased daughter’s pancreas to me. My father’s kidney saved my life while the young woman’s pancreas made my life worth living. I cannot believe my fortune and each time I want to complain about small stuff I step back and rethink my priorities…..
Our most important gift is life and health and our primary focus should be on this. Money, success, power and victories mean nothing if we are sick and we hurt.
So this year, I will yet again thank the people who have given me life, returned my health and I will add one more thought – the man in my life who has shown enormous love and support which have enabled me to let go just a little of my control and reliance on my immediate family. He has saved my life a few times already and he never makes my situation seem to be a burden for him, but a part of me and thus a part of our relationship.
Happy thanksgiving!!