Kinza Kasher

User Experience Researcher & Product Designer
at Leoplus USA

About Kinza Kasher

Kinza is a researcher, interaction designer and strategist based in New York. While working on projects centering user experience and digital products, it is the “how” and “why” of the problems that drive her creative thought process. She starts at the purpose of every interaction she is exploring which inspires her to keep finding challenges that people face in their day-to-day lives, in hopes of solving them through critical thinking, user research and human-centered design.

For more information, read here: Leoplus USA Wins Lyfebulb-Celgene 2019 “Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge”


Jason DaSilva

Founder of AXS Lab Inc.

About Jason DaSilva

Jason is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and spokesperson for the disability community, and founder of the non-profit AXS Lab. He has completed four short films and two feature films. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005 and began the seven-year journey of making When I Walk. Jason has an MFA in Media from Emily Carr University. Jason continues to give voice to those on the periphery of society through his work. In 2014, Jason also won three awards: AAPD Mobility Magazine’s Person of the Year, the Paul E. Hearn Leadership Award, and the Christopher Award for Excellence in Film. Currently he is working on AXS Map, a website and accessibility database to find disability friendly places around the world.



The Innovation Challenge will take place in June 2019 and will be open to Patient Entrepreneurs—those who have been affected by multiple sclerosis (MS) as either a patient, loved one or support partner—whose companies are helping develop solutions to address an unmet need in MS.  The goal of the initiative is to seek new solutions, beyond therapy, to help address either challenges faced by people with MS in their daily lives or an unmet need that could potentially improve outcomes and experiences for both people with the disease and their support partners.

Celgene will host Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge, in Summit, New Jersey for the Challenge finalists, where a panel of judges, including healthcare professionals, patients and patient advocates, business leaders and industry experts, will award a $25,000 monetary grant to the most innovative, impactful business addressing an unmet need in MS.

Finalists will receive an invitation to Celgene headquarters to pitch their solutions.

Beyond presenting their innovative ventures to this group for a monetary grant, the finalists will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas on how to further advance patient innovation in the MS community; engage with Lyfebulb founders, Celgene leadership, representatives from the patient community, key opinion leaders and potential investors; and share insights with each other.

The Lyfebulb–Celgene Innovation Challenge stems from the idea of the Lyfebulb Entrepreneur Circle, established in 2015, and features individuals who have created a product and a company based on issues encountered due to their personal experiences with a chronic illness (through their own diagnosis or that of a loved one).

Judging Criteria

Submissions should focus on new solutions, beyond therapy, that help address either challenges faced by people with MS in their daily lives or an unmet need that could potentially improve outcomes and experiences for both people with the disease and their support partners.

The judging panel will assess the following:

  • What is the strategic basis for the identified problem/gap (e.g., research conducted)?
  • How is the problem/gap being specifically addressed?
  • Does the innovation have the potential to improve the lives of people affected by multiple sclerosis?
  • What level of impact will the innovation make?
  • How will the impact on patient needs be measured?
  • How is the project or service unique to the market?
  • Feasibility of development and implementation into the marketplace (e.g., funding, regulations, requirements for testing)


June 12
Introductory meetings and activities (for judges and finalists only)
June 13
Interactive workshop
Finalists presentations
Judges deliberation
Networking reception
Awards ceremony

The Judges

Apply for the innovation challenge

Lyfebulb-Celgene Innovation Challenge & Award application (Closed)

Finalists will be provided an expenses-paid trip to Celgene headquarters to present their innovative solution addressing an unmet need in MS. One entrepreneur will be awarded the 2019 Lyfebulb-Celgene Innovation Award, including a $25,000 monetary grant to grow their company. Applicants must be a Patient Entrepreneur (someone who has been affected by MS either as a patient, loved one or support partner). Applications were open through Monday, April 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT.

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Driving Change



Lyfebulb is a chronic disease-focused, patient empowerment platform that connects patients, Industry (manufacturers and payers) and investors to support user-driven innovation. Lyfebulb promotes a healthy, take-charge lifestyle for those affected by chronic disease. Grounded with its strong foundation in diabetes, the company has expanded disease states covered into cancer, IBD, and multiple sclerosis.



Celgene Corporation, headquartered in Summit, New Jersey, is an integrated global pharmaceutical company engaged primarily in the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases through next‐generation solutions in protein homeostasis, immuno‐oncology, epigenetics, immunology and neuro‐inflammation.