Diana Frustaci

Brooklyn, NY

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012, Diana spent the first seven years running. Where to? She had no idea as long as MS wasn’t around. But as we all know, you can run but you can’t hide. No matter what Diana tried to do, MS would rear its ugly head to remind her who was boss. You would think she would get the hint and make room for MS, but NO! Diana would do things her way. Until one day, seven tedious years later, she finally woke up and realized she could never outrun MS.

And that has made all the difference. For one, her cat Nosey stopped biting her. For two, she was no longer ashamed of her story. Empowered, Diana started blogging about her experience with MS and depression on Instagram. Her passion is helping others have a more peaceful journey with MS.

Diana lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, 14-month-old daughter, and two fur babies Ninja and Nosey. In her former life, she worked as a writer and digital media-marketing specialist.