October 13, 2021

Lyfebulb Announces Hiring of Digital Product Engineering Team

NEW YORK, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lyfebulb, a patient-empowerment platform that bridges the gap between its patient communities and the healthcare industry, today announced that Jeffrey Yang has joined the executive team as its Chief Technology Officer. Additionally, the company hired Sarah Hostyk, Director of Digital Products, as a key leader in the digital team.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jeff and Sarah to Lyfebulb,” said Karin Hehenberger, MD, PhD, CEO of Lyfebulb. “With our launch of TransplantLyfe ( this year, we are leveraging our clinical, patient-centric orientation into the digital health space. This announcement is one step of many in launching a suite of digital platforms where patient communities can connect, inspire each other and educate themselves.”

Jeffrey brings deep technical and management experience to the Lyfebulb team. Jeffrey spent the past 20 years working with early-stage companies and helped launch over 50 companies and products. He founded Arabella LLC, a digital product agency, in 2011, which was acquired by Roman Health Ventures in 2018. As a specialist in building product and engineering teams for early-stage companies, he has worked with some of the most innovative healthcare companies such as Oscar Health, Ro, and Calibrate. Jeff received his BS in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Sarah has spent her career building, growing, launching and iterating tech products and startups. Prior to joining Lyfebulb, she was the Founder, CEO and Product Lead of two tech startups in the health, wellness, fitness and productivity spaces, WorkStrive and Place Tempo. Prior to that, Sarah worked simultaneously on both the business and engineering teams (leading Software QA) for consumer and SaaS enterprise tech startups in Boston, that also catered to healthcare companies. Sarah graduated Magna Cum Laude from Appalachian State University with a BS in Advertising and Entrepreneurship.

“It is refreshing to find a company that combines a commitment to a deep understanding of patient journeys with a desire to innovate and digitize that clinical knowledge into tools that allow patients to actually help each other. I am eager to jump in and accelerate Lyfebulb’s mission of reducing the burden of living with a chronic disease by translating patient insights into actionable digital products,” concluded Jeff Yang, CTO of Lyfebulb.

About Lyfebulb
Lyfebulb is an innovation accelerator that bridges the gap between patient communities and the healthcare industry by working directly with patients and care partners to generate insights and build new solutions to reduce the burden of living with chronic disease. Lyfebulb operates across 11 disease states and counting. See Lyfebulb.comTransplantLyfe.comFacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Karin Hehenberger LinkedIn.

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