April 27, 2016

Punch Fitness


My routine at Punch Fitness is obviously driven by my personal trainer, Villi Bello, but I do influence him somewhat by indicating what I want to target.

Last week I came to the gym after 10 days of intense traveling for Lyfebulb and I was jet-lagged and exhausted!

We decided to do more gentle work, but still get a good cardio and strength mix in.

We began the workout with boxing while weights were attached to my arms, the elliptical machine, and lots of exercises involving my core and arms.

I think the plank is such an optimal work-out since it includes a large part of the body at once, and Villi asked me to do it one-legged with the other leg moving to the side and upwards (as pictured above).

I also enjoy the TRX machine, which we used for lunges, arm bends and simple thigh exercises.

We did two kinds of crunches, regular ones to the center, and ones where you twist from side to side.

Finally, we did push-ups, on the knees and on my feet – with two legs on the floor and for a few brutal seconds, on just one leg at a time!

Villi always finishes my sessions with some nice stretches and asks me to drink water before I leave the gym – my jet-lag was gone and I ran outside into the beautiful spring weather!