Chronic Illness  
 March 30, 2016

Swimming to Stay Fit


Swimming is a perfect sport to get fit because it helps to use all the muscles of the body. Swimming ideally should be practiced in the sea where you can get benefit of the sea water and the sun. But to get fit you cannot wait for every summer, or to live near the sea! Good swimming pools now exist in many hotels, which means you have access while you travel for business or pleasure, and are also in many fitness centers.

Swimming is also very well suggested for people that have suffered injuries, and in particular for those with issues with the knees and the ankles. A lot of people that have physical problems that cause them to be unable to run, can very swim every day or at least several times a week.

Personally, I have not been able to run well in the past few years. I used to run marathons, play squash and basketball; now I swim at least three times a week.

My training schedule consists of 45/50 minutes of swimming divided in 4 modules as follows:

  • Ten minutes of crowl style starting slowly and the increasing in speed
  • Five minutes of walking in the water slowly
  • Ten minutes of butterfly style also starting slowly and then increasing the speed
  • Five minutes of walking in the water taking both legs to the high level of the chest together in constant action
  • Ten minutes of back stroke always at the same speed
  • Five minutes of walking fast in the water.

I also used to do a few laps in the pool under the water to improve my apnea breathing system. I have trained as a usual scuba diver, so you should be already be trained to do so.

After this period of 44/50 minutes of swimming I suggest, when you come out of the water, to always do a session of stretching for 5/10 minutes.

Remember to use water goggles and ear protection when you swim.

After swimming always drink at least a glass of water in order to hydrate your body.

And finally have fun while swimming!