Chronic Illness  
 December 17, 2015

ACME Bar & Restaurant


Although the team at Lyfebulb have several favorite spots uptown where we love to dine and grab drinks, ACME on Great Jones and Lafayette in NoHo  is also a Lyfebulb favorite due to its Scandinavian influences and great low-carb, diabetes friendly menu!

ACME is located across the street from where Five Points Restaurant used to be (it has now been replaced by Vic’s, an Italian inspired spot by the same owners.  Five Points used to be a happy hour and brunch favorite.  In fact, Karin, our CEO was there during its opening weekend, and I found it to be a great place to meet friends and coworkers for drinks and dinners later on in its tenure on Great Jones.

ACME opened back in 2012 and is headed by Danish chef, Mads Refslund, who was one of the founding chefs of Noma.  The menu at ACME is definitely focused on seafood and vegetables, making it a very healthy alternative, but meat lovers are not left out one bit as they currently offer chicken, pork loin, and rib eye.

The oysters are fabulous, and between 6 and 7 pm, they offer a selection of $1 oysters, which is a reason in of itself to give ACME a try!  In addition, the downstairs lounge is cozy and sexy, perfect for a private party or date night!

I personally cannot wait to return to ACME and try their revamped menu, which includes smoked fish tacos, cauliflower stalks, and lamb & shrimp tartare.  Who knew food that is great for you could taste this good!  It also does not hurt that ACME’s holiday decorations are both chic and inviting 🙂