July 17, 2020

Black Lives Matter in the IBD Community, Too

In recent weeks, months and years, we have witnessed far too many hate crimes toward our Black brothers and sisters. It is not unknown to us that many Black bodies have been tested upon without fair pain medications, expected to endure tremendous suffering in the name of science. Within the healthcare system, not only do Black folks face significant health disparities and delays to diagnosis, they also deal with uphill battles when it comes to accessing good insurance, care and treatment options.

With this blog post, I aim to shed light on the stories of 8 lovely Black inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients while sharing the resources of 3 die-hard Black IBD patient thought leaders, along with the resources of 5 prominent Black gastroenterologists who are leading the charge in ensuring the gastroenterology field continues to include more diverse Black voices. My hope is we can continue to make strides in eliminating disparities in minority health by sharing these and other very real stories and how Black patients continue to advocate for themselves in spite of significant hurdles.

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