December 19, 2014

Diabetic SPIbelt

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 1.04.01 PM

Let’s face it; being diabetic is not a stroll down easy street. One of the most inconvenient things for me dealing with this disease is carrying around so much stuff. Every time I leave my house, I need to bring my medical alert, blood glucose meter, pump, snacks in case my blood sugar drops, back up needles, cannulas, tubing and insulin in case my pump kinks (stops working) along with whatever “regular” items I need for the day. With all of this to carry around; pockets became one of my favorite details in clothing –  but as a guy who likes to dress fashion forward, cargo pants, baggy jeans or bags do not always cut it.  Sometimes, I just want to go out in fitted jeans and a t-shirt for the day without having my pockets bulging with stuff or lugging around a bag.

The designers from SPI (Small Personal Item) Belt must have felt my pain, heard me complaining or seen me walking down the street with pockets stuffed to the brim because this was a life changer! First thing to clear up, this is NOT A FANNY PACK.  It is much smaller and sleeker so you can wear this under your shirt and people will not notice it. Fanny packs are bigger, bulge clothing and close to impossible to wear and look stylish.  The Diabetic SPIbelt expands to a 6”x3”x2” meaning it is small enough to hide, but big enough to fit all of my daily diabetic supplies. The belt also has a pass-through hole for my pump tubing, enabling me to secure everything inside the bag when it is zipped shut.

This belt has become part of my daily wardrobe all day and night long. It has allowed me to play basketball without having to worry about my pump falling out of my pocket or being pulled out by another player. I wear it to sleep so when I wake up in the middle of the night, I no longer have to find my pump to get out of bed. Getting dressed in general has become a million times easier thanks to this belt, as I don’t have to disconnect or set my pump aside when changing pants.

I really cannot express how much more convenient my daily life is since I discovered the SPIbelt. Thank you.