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 January 14, 2016

Orsay Restaurant in New York City

A longtime favorite restaurant of the Lyfebulb Team is Orsay on Lexington and 75th Street on the Upper East Side in New York City.  We have been going to Orsay for a long time, at times joking that it is like our own kitchen since we have been there so much, and we have never been disappointed.  That is a hard thing to say about any restaurant!

The vibe is classic French Brasserie.  The lighting is warm.  The staff is friendly, yet very professional.  The bar is a great spot to grab a cocktail and a small plate.  The dining room is formal enough to gather for a special occasion, yet inviting and comfortable enough to come in for dinner on a random Tuesday night.  The outdoor space is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of rosé on a summer afternoon.  Just writing about it makes me want to head over right now!
The menu does change from time to time, but some of our favorites are always available.  First and foremost, the tuna tartare japnonais is the one of the best, if not the best, tuna tartare we have ever had.  Whatever other restaurant we try, we always compare their tartare to the one at Orsay, and they rarely compare to the high standard set here.

For example, when I was in Old Town Ibiza this summer at an amazing local spot called La Torreta, the first thing I did when I raved about how amazing their tuna tartare was, was to affirmatively state that it still did not beat the one at Orsay.  The tuna is always fresh and there is a slightly spicy kick from the wasabi, and a bit of a crunch from the sesame seeds and tempura bits.  Another great feature is that you can order an appetizer portion or a main dish size (but why would you ever want the smaller portion???).

Other favorites include the simple roasted chicken, the braised short ribs, and the classic French onion soup.  In addition, the restaurant always has a variety of delicious and healthy veggie sides.  Finally, Orsay has some of the best bread I have ever tasted in my life (making it difficult to stick to a low carb and diabetes friendly diet!)

We do hope you give this gem on the UES a try some time, it truly does provide something for anyone.  How can you go wrong with classic and delicious French fare served in a beautiful and warm environment??