April 20, 2024


Welcome to LyfeTalks, a podcast that intimately explores the experiences of transplant recipients. Join us for raw and real discussions about getting a new organ and life afterward. Featuring a new guest each episode, this is your go-to podcast on everything transplant-related.

Alisha, a two-time liver transplant recipient, sits down with Jamie Imhof, a liver and kidney transplant recipient, to discuss goal-setting after a transplant. They explore how to establish goals for taking medications, maintaining good health, and adjusting to everyday life post-transplant.

Jeanmarie, an 18-year kidney transplant recipient, and TransplantLyfe Community Manager, engages in a conversation with Dusty Atchison, who underwent a kidney transplant at the age of 17. They explore their distinct strategies for handling doctor appointments and emphasize the significance of self-advocacy when interacting with medical professionals.

Alex Berrios, a community manager at TransplantLyfe and patient advocate, joins Mark Eisen and LaVise McCray to discuss their experiences with receiving kidney transplants. They explore the transition from dialysis to transplant and offer insights on how to effectively advocate for oneself throughout this process.

Jeanmarie and Taryn sit down for an in-depth discussion about how and when to ask other people for help during the transplant journey. Jeanmarie is 18 years post kidney transplant and Taryn is a kidney/pancreas transplant recipient, transplanted almost 2 years ago. Together they explore the complex topic of not wanting to be a potential burden to others. However, it is imperative to acknowledge instances wherein external support becomes indispensable throughout this transformative process.

According to information from, over 100,000 individuals are currently awaiting a life-saving organ. In 2023, the contributions of over 23,000 donors brought renewed hope and vitality to recipients and their loved ones. In this unique episode dedicated to Donate Life month, we engage in conversations with liver, kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients and someone waiting on dialysis, as well as a caregiver, to explore what organ donation means to each of them.

As they transitioned into the transplant world, Alisha and Taiylor discovered a newfound purpose in their experiences. Rather than allowing their pain to define them, they transformed it into a driving force for positive change. Both recognized the importance of peer support and advocacy in helping others navigate the complex transplant journey.

Jeanmarie sits down with Gabriel, a kidney/pancreas recipient and psychotherapist to discuss how to manage anxiety while waiting for a life-saving organ. Gabriel recently went through the process, waiting on the list himself for 2 years. Jeanmarie was diagnosed at 16 with Lupus. She had a kidney transplant at 24 years old. Although Jeanmarie has had 18 successful years with her living donor kidney, she is now on the wait list waiting for her second kidney. Listen to the conversation between Jeanmarie and Gabriel about the best ways to manage the rollercoaster of feelings that come with waiting on the transplant list.

Alisha sits down with LaVise to discuss how she never lost hope even when life looked dim. LaVise received a kidney transplant in March 2023. She has faced many challenges throughout her journey. In 2023 she was told she wasn’t going to live to see 2024. It’s 2024 and she is thriving! Listen to her incredible story about how she persevered through the challenges and never gave up.