February 9, 2021

Lyfebulb Announces the Finalists for the 2021 MS Innovation Challenge

Ten patient entrepreneurs have been shortlisted as finalists in the Lyfebulb “Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge” which has an award of $25,000

NEW YORK – (February 9, 2021) – Lyfebulb, a patient-empowerment platform that connects patients with industry to support user-driven innovation, announce ten finalists chosen for the Lyfebulb “Addressing Unmet Needs in MS: An Innovation Challenge”. 

For two days in March (10th-11th), the following finalists will compete virtually for a grant of $25,000 to further develop their ideas and concepts that will address the unmet needs of people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). This award will also assist in raising an overall awareness about this chronic disease.

  • Angie Conley, Founder and CEO of Abilitech Medical
  • Jason DaSilva, Founder and President of AXS Lab
  • Luanne  Dibernardo, Founder and CEO of Oro Sports
  • Peter Grande, Co-Founder of MUVE
  • David Hojah, CEO of Parrots
  • Lucy Jones, Founder and CEO of FFORA
  • David Lyons, Founder and Director of MS Fitness Challenge
  • Pierluigi Mantovani, CEO of Evolution Devices
  • Tish Scolnik, Co-Founder and CEO of GRIT
  • Brooke  Slick, Founder and Product Developer of Dashco

“Patients are innovators and problem-solvers.” said Dr. Karin Hehenberger, CEO and Founder of Lyfebulb. “Each of these finalists is an attestation to the power of patient entrepreneurship as they have taken their hardships of living with disease – or observing it in a loved one – and have turned those insights into business solutions to help other members of the MS community. We are excited to bring together these inspirational leaders with our expert panel of judges and members of the Lyfebulb team for an engaging and interactive two-day summit.”

As a Patient Entrepreneur, each and every one of the finalists has been personally affected by Multiple Sclerosis as either a patient, a support partner, or by having had a loved one diagnosed with the disease. During the virtual Innovation Challenge in March, each finalist will be given the opportunity to pitch their solution to a diverse cross section of professionals from across the MS, healthcare and business worlds. The panel judges will include:

  • Tim Coetzee, PhD, Chief Advocacy, Services and Research Officer at National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Kate Cronin, Global CEO of Ogilvy Health
  • Teresa Wright Johnson, MS Patient Ambassador at Lyfebulb and Inspirational Speaker
  • Darin T. Okuda, MD, MS, FAAN, FANA, Director of the Neuroinnovation Program and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Imaging Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • Stephen Squinto, PhD, Executive Partner at OrbiMed and Co-Founder of Alexion

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About Lyfebulb

Lyfebulb is a chronic disease-focused, patient empowerment platform that connects patients and industry to support user-driven innovation. With its strong foundation in diabetes, the company has expanded disease states covered into cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, mental health, substance use disorder, migraine, transplantation, psoriasis, chronic cough and chronic kidney disease. See Lyfebulb.comFacebookTwitterInstagramKarin Hehenberger LinkedIn, and Lyfebulb LinkedIn.

About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable and often disabling disease that affects nearly one million people in the United States.[i]  MS is a disease in which the immune system attacks the protective myelin sheath that covers the nerves. The myelin damage disrupts communication between the brain and the rest of the body.[ii] Ultimately, the nerves themselves may deteriorate — a process that’s currently irreversible.[iii]

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[i] National Multiple Sclerosis Society. MS Symptoms. Accessed September 24, 2020.

[ii] National Multiple Sclerosis Society. What is Myelin? Accessed July 07, 2020.

[iii] AJMC. The Pathologic Foundations of Multiple Sclerosis: Current Considerations. Accessed September 24, 2020.